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The Planning and Development Committee of the Garneau Community League endeavours to inform those residents who are interested, about matters related to City of Edmonton Bylaws, zoning changes, and development proposals. Information about relevant pending development applications requiring consultation can be found below. This list may not contain all applications. Development applications requiring consultation are those requiring variances to the bylaws, or those on a Direct Control zoned property.

Many development applications requiring variances can be approved by demonstrating consultation with affected neighbours, and the Garneau Community League can assist with that effort. We can host consultation meetings with area residents and can circulate plans for comments, making it easier for developers to demonstrate that they have consulted with affected residents.

Some developers may fear sharing plans before they are finalized, hoping instead to avoid the consultation process. Consultation is a part of the City of Edmonton development permit process. We can assure you that our aim is not to prevent changes to the neighbourhood, but to ensure that everyone can be happy with a new development. This is achieved through open dialogue. As you will see on a walk through the neighbourhood, there are many different sizes and styles of development. We take pride in the historic nature of many of the neighbourhood buildings, but this is also one of the most eclectic neighbourhoods in the City!


Missing Middle Zoning Bylaw Review

The Zoning Bylaw Implementation team has prepared a draft Urban Planning Committee Report regarding the Missing Middle Zoning Bylaw Review.

This report is officially titled: CR_4231 - Medium Scale Multi-Unit Housing Review Report - Additional Information

The shared Committee report outlines Administrations' proposed direction for the Missing Middle Zoning Bylaw Review. This includes:

  1. Simplifing missing middle uses and create flexibility by combining them into a single ‘catch all’ use called Multi-unit Housing
  2. Creating a clear succession in the zones, providing incremental increases in scale from RF3 to RA8 including allowable height, site coverage and FAR, and include density minimums to ensure zone purposes are met
  3. Developing options for requiring and providing incentives for larger units that can accommodate families
  4. Amending separation space regulations to avoid redundancies and allow for more efficient site layouts
  5. Requiring articulation of buildings or covering of drive aisles to improve design outcomes
  6. Incorporating key design regulations from the existing Medium Scale Residential Infill Overlay and Medium Density Residential Overlay into the underlying zones and remove the Overlays. Please review the attached pdf documents and provide your comments and feedback via email to

The report and its attachments are, in order:

  Report - CR_4231 - Medium Scale Multi-Unit Housing Review Report - Additional Information

- Attachment 1 - Development Permit Data and Analysis
-  Attachment 2 - Variance and Rezoning Data and Analysis
- Attachment 3 - Spatial Analysis of Missing Middle Zones in Edmonton
- Attachment  4 - Summary of Public Engagement
- Attachment 5 - Summary of Proposed Direction
- Attachment 6 - Drive Aisle Design Challenge
- Attachment 7 - Additional Information